The antennas AD-20 represent the family of so called "rubber antennas", primarily intended for use with hand held radios. Difference between particular antennas are in frequency range, type of radiating element and in type of connecting element or connector. Common properties are in good electrical conductivity (the radiating element is galvanically coated with copper), perfect mechanical and climatic properties and roughness enabled with special coating of heatshrinkable tube with silicone layer. The code of the antenna is AD-20/x-y-z, where "x" means frequency range, "y" means type of radiating element and "z" means type of connecting element. The table shows the meaning of particular numbers. All antennas are tuned on the beginning of the frequency band or on customer request.

Technical specification

  X-frequency range Y-radiator type Z-connector
1 36 - 42 MHz SPRING 5/32"
2 66 - 88 MHz WIRE 3/8"-24G
3 144 -174 MHz TAPE  5/8"-24G
4 400 - 500 MHz   1/4"-32UNEF*
5 800 - 1000 MHz   1/4"-36UNEF**
9     UHF (PL-259)
10     BNC (UG-88/U)
11     N (UG-21/U)
12     TNC
13     SMA



AD-20/3-1-10 is spring rubber antenna with BNC connector for frequency range 144-174 MHz

* - for Motorola GP 3xx series; ICOM IC-F61

** - for Motorola DP 4000 series

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